Are you ready to take the first steps of your career journey, discover your potential and gain unique experiences by doing your internship in the young and dynamic team of BAYKAR, one of the leading companies of the National Technology Move with its original designs and domestic production in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles?

You are invited to our internship program, which breaks its own records every year by receiving 10,000 applications and hosts more than 1000 interns every year!

During your internship period, you will have the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with our competent teams that make a difference in the world and to experience the unique high technology in BAYKAR. You will have the opportunity to both contribute to your academic development and gain unique experiences in the team you join in line with your interests.

Come on, join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

To make an internship application to our company, you need to follow our website Our summer internship program is opened on our website between January and March every year. Our trainee candidates can access the "Internship Applications" field by clicking the "Career" button on our website. You can only apply for the summer internship program on our website. Applications by mail are not accepted.

Firmamıza dönem içi staj başvurusu yapmak için web sayfamızı takip edebilirsiniz. Detaylı bilgi için tıklayınız.

A volunteer internship is a type of internship that you do with your own will and desire, for which your school does not cover your insurance. A compulsory internship is an internship insured by your school and stipulated by your department to graduate.

Our trainee candidates who want to do an internship at our company during the summer period can only apply to one unit/department within one internship period. If an application is made again with the same Turkish Republic ID number, the system will not accept this application. Applications of candidates with incorrect Turkish Republic ID numbers will not be accepted.

Candidates who will do their internship voluntarily can write the periods determined by their institution for that year in the relevant field. Candidates whose internship is compulsory should also indicate to us the number of compulsory internship days determined by their school if their internship period is longer or shorter than the period determined by our company. Candidates whose internship period is shorter than the number of days we have determined can terminate their internship if they wish after completing their compulsory internship period. Candidates whose internship period is longer than the number of days we have determined are evaluated separately.

We can hold a make-up exam for those candidates who cannot be on board due to force majeure. However, we adjust make-up exams according to the available quotas and give no guarantee to the candidates in this regard.

If you forget to fill out the Candidate Information Form during the exam, your exam will not be considered invalid. However, candidates who receive an invitation to the exam must first fill out the Candidate Information Form and start their exams upon completing the form.

The students, who study at vocational and technical high schools, can apply to do their compulsory internship at our company.

Our trainee candidates who will do internship in our company will provide accommodation within their own means.

Our trainee candidates who will do internship in our company will provide transportation to the company with their own means on the first day of their internship. At the end of the day, planning will be made regarding the use and route of the shuttle service, and they will be able to benefit from the service opportunity throughout the internship

Our company operates on Saturdays for half a day. However, if your school's insurance does not cover Saturdays, you cannot participate in the scope of Occupational Health and Safety

Our trainee candidates who will do their internship at our Keşan/Çorlu campus will come to our Hadımköy campus on the first day of their internship by their own means. By meeting you here, your orientation and training processes will be completed. At the end of the day, your transportation to our Keşan/Çorlu campuses will be provided by Baykar. Don't forget to come with your luggage!

Since a certain quota is planned for each semester, there is no possibility of transition between semesters. If you are accepted to the internship, an alternative start date is offered only for the period you have chosen.