Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer

BAYKAR Artificial Intelligence Teams study on areas that are separated to three major classes as high level autonomy, situational awareness, advanced safety. We aim to develop new technologies and smart systems on aerospace and defense industries with subjects like;

  • Machine Learning and Rule Based Smart Systems
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Signal and Data Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Path Planning
  • Probabilistic Approaches

Our AI teams have quite hardworking, forward thinking and experienced members. Team members have a great opportunity to establish a network with like-minded peers who have years of experience, expertise and knowledge in related areas. Our team members work in a conducive and harmonious environment where they get the chance to be part of the product development cycle while leading innovative researches.

Key Requirements;

  • BS, M.S. or PhD in Computer Engineering, Electric and Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics or Aerospace Engineering or other related departments
  • 2+ years of experience in C, C++, Matlab and Python
  • Experience with ML(machine learning) models, data processing and labelling
  • Experience in Pytorch, Tensorflow or Keras frameworks is preferred
  • Experience with image processing libraries like OpenCV, Matlab Computer Vision Toolbox is preferred
  • Experience in path planning, SLAM, motion planning and sorting is preferred
  • No military obligation for men candicates
  • Convenience to work in flexible hours and at busy work environment
  • No restriction for travelling


We are looking for “Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer” who will be a part of our development processes. Do you want to join our team and play a role for the advancement in field of AI?