Test and Documentation Engineer

Test and Documentation Engineer


•    Graduated from any engineering department

•    Interested in aircrafts and aircraft testing methods

•    Able to use Catia V5 (beginner)

•    Proficient in using MS Office programs

•    Can be actively involved in field tests

•    Has high level of reporting skills and awareness

•    Those who does not overlook the details

•    Able to read and analyze data

•    Proficient in technical aviation terms or able to learn them fast

•    Proficient in statics, dynamics and strength of materials disciplines

•    No travel restrictions

•    Flexible and able to adapt to busy working hours

•    For male candidates who are not related to military service



•    Graduated from mechanical, manufacturing, civil or aircraft engineering departments

•    Able to use sensors, testing equipment and data accusation systems

•    Knowledge about MIL-STD 810, STANAG 4671 standards

•    Experience in writing test reports

•    Proficient in document filing and archiving


Job Description

•    Doing test calculations and writing test procedure

•    Checking the testing systems according to procedures and gathering test data while testing

•    Data analyze and reporting

•    Classifying and archiving previous test reports and procedures

•    Organizing and managing test documentation system