Thermal Analysis Engineer

Thermal Analysis Engineer


• Graduated from aerospace, Aerospace, Aviation, Mechanical or Naval Civil Engineering departments of universities
• Advanced knowledge in the discipline of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
• Have a basic knowledge of Fluid Mechanics
• Commonly used three Experienced in at least one of dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (HAD) software (Icepak, OpenFOAM, Fluent, CFX, Star CCM+, COMSOL etc.)
• Able to use CAD programs, preferably SolidWorks, CATIA, SpaceClaim or DesignModeler
• Open to innovations and inclined to constantly improve themselves
• Developing new approaches to problem solving
• Advanced level of English
• Knowing the literature review processes and capable of detailed literature review
• Able to work individually, prone to teamwork
• Able to adapt to intense work tempo
• Capable of multitasking
• Self-motivated, strong has business ethics and discipline
• Able to report the results obtained in the projects in a clear and understandable manner in accordance with company policies and procedures. • Strong communication skills, prone to teamwork

Reasons for Preference

• Having work experience in the air-conditioning and analysis of indoor environments with the CFD method or having a published academic study
• Have work experience in the cooling of electronic components or have a published academic work
• To have MS Office program knowledge
• To have a master's degree and/or doctorate degree in departments of universities such as Aircraft, Remote, Aviation, Machinery, Heat-Fluid


• For aircrafts air conditioning, providing thermal balance of avionic systems and performing related CFD analyzes
• Making air-conditioning calculations of ground control stations and performing related CFD analyzes
• Performing CFD analyzes for calculations such as air intake, thermal balance, propeller performance in the engine compartment
• To make calculations and related CFD analyzes for the improvement of the thermal designs made
• Working in coordination with other engineering disciplines