Weapon Systems Technician

Weapon Systems Technician


We are looking for co-workers who

•    Are graduated from departments of mechanics, aircraft body engine maintenance, aircraft technology, mechatronics etc. of universities and/or vocational high schools,

•    Preferably have at least 2 years of professional experience,
•    Are interested in the aviation and defense industry,
•    Have advanced manual dexterity, are highly motivated and able to work in an intense work tempo,
•    Have the proficiency to read and interpret technical documents,
•    Have Analytical thinking, problem analysis and solving ability,
•    Are able to use MS office programs,
•    Preferably, have knowledge of aircraft ammunition systems and mechanical systems,
•    Preferably, have knowledge of ammunition guidance systems and have knowledge of basic electrics & electronics,
•    Pay careful and meticulous work as a principle, are prone to team work,
•    Have no restrictions to travel,
•    Will be able to adapt to flexible working hours,
•    For male candidates- are not related to military service,
•    Have A2 English proficiency,
•    Are resident or able to reside in Istanbul,


The following assignments will be made taking into account the requirements of project dynamics and active business segment;

•    Functional and environmental tests of weapon release systems,
•    Pre-assembly of weapon release and ammunition subsystems, 
•    Integration of weapon release and pylon systems to aircraft,

for Weapon Systems Design R&D Department.