Field Project Engineer

Field Project Engineer

General Qualifications

• Graduated from Industrial Engineering, Management Engineering and International Relations and similar departments of universities, 

• Planning, Coordination, Training, Delivery, Installation, Warranty, Technical Support etc. in defense, aerospace, automotive companies at least 5 years of work experience in the execution and follow-up of processes 

• English, French, Russian, Arabic (Proficient in at least one of the languages) 

• Able to use MS Office Programs at an advanced level, preferably having knowledge and experience about project management tools (MS Project, Jira, etc.) 

• No restrictions on domestic and international travel 

• Have organizational and coordination skills 

• Attention to detail and time management skills 

• Have crisis management skills 

• Result oriented, analytical and problem solving ability 

• Having the principle of working carefully and meticulously, flexible and able to adapt to busy working hours. 

• We are looking for a “Field Project Engineer” who is compatible with teamwork and has leadership qualities.

Job description 

• To ensure coordination in project and team work 

• Execution and follow-up of the relevant fields (Planning, Coordination, Training, Delivery, Installation, Warranty, Technical Support, etc.) 

• Coordinating the communication between the relevant stakeholders and ensuring the flow of information. 

• To follow and report the progress of the projects 

• To follow up the duties and responsibilities of the team members 

• Supporting project management 

• Creating the progress reports of the projects and presenting them to the Management 

• Creating solutions to manage and improve project management processes in accordance with the security protocols required in defense industry projects