Field Staff (Structural Maintenance and Repair)

Field Staff (Structural Maintenance and Repair)

• Universities/High Schools; Aircraft Body-Engine Maintenance, Aircraft Maintenance and Repair, Aircraft Technology, Motor Vehicles Technology and Machinery Technology etc. Graduated from related departments 

• Will be able to work as a short/long term Structural Maintenance and Repair Technician in domestic and international fields. 

• Will be able to provide the necessary technical support within the scope of Structural Maintenance and Repairs. 

• Knowledge and experience in aircraft maintenance (composite) activities 

• Knowledge of YAMAHA (Foreign Object Damage) control processes 

• Able to work with dust and chemicals by using the necessary protective equipment. 

• Good command of English language 

• Able to use MS Office programs well 

• Ability to read, understand and apply technical documents 

• Having the principle of working carefully and meticulously, flexible and able to adapt to busy working hours. 

• We are looking for teammates who do not have military obligation.


In nationally produced and originally developed  AKINCI UCAV and TB2 AUAV /UAV systems: 

• To carry out planned and unplanned maintenance of AKINCI or TB2 aircraft 

• To take part in the documentation work required for maintenance activities 

• To carry out maintenance, operation and inventory operations of materials-equipment used in aircraft maintenance and repair, keeping them active