Object Oriented Quality Engineer

Object Oriented Quality Engineer


  • Focused on self-improvement, open to criticism and giving importance to communication,
  • Paying attention to details,
  • Time planning follower,
  • Have a solution-oriented approach to issues,
  • Have planning, organization and coordination skills,
  • Responsible,
  • Compatible with team work,
  • Collaborating with team members in determining software standards and criteria,
  • Able to make risk and opportunity analyzes and create action plans,
  • Proficient in Software Life Cycle processes,
  • Preferably have a knowledge of and prone to work with AS9100, STANAG, AQAP etc. quality processes,
  • Ability to interpret and apply standards in different fields,
  • Ability to read and interpret contracts, job descriptions and specifications,
  • Advanced level of MS Office program knowledge,
  • Advanced command of English,
  • Researching, following, sharing and applying innovations related to the profession in the changing world,
  • Able to work at an intense pace in office and in field conditions,
  • Have no travel obstacle



Within the scope of our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle projects, quality assurance activities that will ensure the fulfillment of user and customer requirements will be carried out by taking into account national and/or international standards and company procedures.

Accordingly, Object-Oriented Programming Quality Engineer will be responsible for;

  • Ensuring that the process requirements in the contract, national and/or international standards and company procedures are met throughout the life of the project,
  • Planning, documenting, implementing and reporting the quality assurance activities be carried out throughout the project,
  • Monitoring the design, development, testing processes, checking, verifying and approving the conformity of processes and process outputs,
  • Working with customers and other departments to resolve quality risks and problems,
  • Determining and following up the quality criteria for project phase transitions and reporting the project control status,
  • Maintaining and improving entry quality and development processes in accordance with contract requirements and institution requirements within the scope of the projects under responsibility.