Control Surfaces Design Engineer

Control Surfaces Design Engineer



Graduated from the university these related departments such as; Machinery, Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Aircraft and Space Engineering etc.

• Have knowledge of mechanical vibrations, mechanical system design and analysis

• Have knowledge of mechanism design and machine dynamics.

• At least 1 year of experience in the design of hydraulic systems

• 2D and 3D part design, geometric dimensioning and tolerance determination.

• Have knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods

• To be actively involved in a teamwork and technical project

• Will be able to work in coordination with other teams in relation to the areas of responsibility

• Analytical thinking, result-oriented working

• Preferably with CATIA design program experience

• At least 1 year of experience in dynamic modelling, structural and aerodynamic analysis programs

• Have knowledge of basic aerodynamics

• Have knowledge of basic stability and control issues

• Have Technical English proficiency

• We are looking for teammates who don't have a military relationship for at least 2 years.




To be assigned to projects such as Mini UAV, TB2, TB3, Akıncı and Unmanned Fighter Aircraft carried out by our company;

• Preliminary design and reporting of requirements

• To perform system design, necessary analysis, calculations and integration activities on control surface systems

• Control surfaces for actuator selection, positioning, sizing, etc. perform relevant calculations, designs and analysis

• Developing system design requirements and verification methods in accordance with relevant standards

• Developing system architecture and managing functional testing activities

• Defining system and equipment test requirements and analyse test results

• Performing system and equipment integration activities