Control, Guidance and Navigation Development Engineer

Control, Guidance and Navigation Development Engineer


•    Graduated from the Control, Aviation/Space, Aircraft, Mechatronics, Electrical Electronics, Mechanical Engineering departments of universities

•    Controller for linear and non-linear systems&; used in design and development projects

•    Has knowledge of System Dynamics and Mathematical Modeling

•    Has the ability to use C/C# programming languages ​​at a good level

•    Adequate technical English in writing and reading for research and documentation

•    Master of MS-Office programs

•    Prone to teamwork, investigative and responsible

•    Compatible with busy working pace and flexible working hours

•    No travel restrictions

Additional Qualifications That May Be Preferred:

•    Master/PhD in the field of Flight Dynamics or Control Systems
•    Experienced in flight dynamics modeling and simulation of fixed/rotating wing aircraft
•    Embedded have software experience
•    We are looking for teammates who have experience in communication between applications using RS232/RS485, CAN, Ethernet, connections.


To work on related issues in the R&D activities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles within our company 
Controller for kinematic and dynamic modeling of aircraft, flight and navigation algorithms; Our team is looking for teammates to carry out the design and to conduct real-time hardware evolution simulation studies of aircraft subsystems.