Propulsion and Fluid Systems Design Engineer

Propulsion and Fluid Systems Design Engineer

General Qualifications

•    Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automotive, Mechatronics, Manufacturing and Industrial Product Design Engineering,

•    At least 1 year of experience in engine and fuel systems areas,

•    Be able to design systems and subsystems based on requirements,

•    Have to ability to 2D and 3D part design , geometrical dimensioning, giving a tolerating,

•    Knowledge of product design, material selection, manufacturing methods and integration,

•    Able to work in coordination with other teams releated to their areas of responsibility

•    Preferably with CATIA design program experience,

•    Technical English proficiency,

•    For male candidates, who are not related to military service for at least 2 years are sought


Work Description

•    The following assignments will be made considering the Project Dynamics and active division of labor requirements.

•    Aircraft engine system, fuel system, anti-icing/de-icing system design

•    Selection of Propeller and associated subsystems selection, design and integration

•    Design of oil, water and air cooling systems

•    Design of exhaust and associated systems

•    Engine and engine compartment air intake design

•    Engine Mount Design

•    Design of Engine test mechanism

•    Interpretation of Engine and fuel system performances

•    Verification activities with test, analsys ve simulation methods.