Embedded Linux Development Engineer

Embedded Linux Development Engineer

General Features:


We are looking for people who,


  • Have graduated from Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Communications or Mechatronics Engineering departments of universities.
  • Have In-deep knowledge of C/C++, shell and system programming skills,
  • Have advanced knowledge in real-time operating systems and multithreading,
  • Have made device driver and Linux kernel development before,
  • Are experienced in GNU/Linux tools and compilers,
  • Have deep knowledge about creating custom Linux distributions using Yocto, Debootstrap etc.
  • Have used build tools like GNU Make, Automake or CMake before,
  • Have deep knowledge about operating system engineering and Unix ecosystem,
  • Have worked with various bootloaders like u-boot and grub before,
  • Have knowledge about GIT version control system,
  • Have involved in embedded system development process and worked with various development boards before,
  • Are experienced in scripting languages like python, bash, etc.
  • Have knowledge about Unix/Linux network stack and inter-process communication,
  • Have worked on board support packages and Linux device trees
  • Are enthusiastic about reading and learning new things,
  • Are adaptive for intense work pace and flexible working hours,


Additional Qualifications That May Be Preferred:

  • Have assembly system programming knowledge in x86/x64 or ARM architecture,
  • Are developed projects using C++17 standards before,
  • Have involved in software development processes using standards like ARINC, MIL.


Job Description

In this job you will take part in the design and coding activities of real-time operating systems to be used in unmanned vehicles and the software running on them. Also you will work with various embedded boards to develop real-time Linux OS and OS applications.