Gimbal Camera Operator Instructor

Gimbal Camera Operator Instructor


• Graduated from Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical, Aircraft Maintenance, Mechatronics etc. of Universities/High Schools

• At least 3 years of Gimbal camera experience

• Advanced psychomotor skills

• Preferably with good level of English (reading, writing and speaking activity)

• Has an investigative personality, open to development and responsible

• Ability to interpret and report analysis data

• Residency will be in Çorlu or Keşan

• Able to adapt to intense work schedule and flexible working hours

• Careful, regular and meticulous follow-up

• Prone to teamwork

• Ability to speak in public

• We are looking for teammates who have completed their military service for male candidates.



• To fulfill the given jobs, work instructions, in accordance with quality and work safety.

• No barriers to assignment in the country or abroad

• Have basic electronic and mechanical knowledge

• Will be able to provide the necessary support for troubleshooting by detecting electronic and mechanical failures

• Will transfer their experience and training on gimbal camera use to new operator candidates

• We are looking for teammates who can provide the necessary support to the team by conducting test or flight etc. studies when necessary.