Network Management Specialist

Network Management Specialist

To our team to carry out the necessary R&D and configuration activities in order to develop and keep accessible the network infrastructure, which is critical for the control and coordination of unmanned aerial vehicles and ground support systems looking for acquaintances.


•    Development of necessary administrative applications with C, C# or Python
•    Programming related to network infrastructure
•    Examination of network communication problems and taking necessary actions
•    Creating and updating documentation on network topologies
•    Installation, configuration and management of devices such as network switchers, routers and firewalls
•    Backup and need of configurations of network devices to restore


•    Has a bachelor's degree from engineering departments of universities
•    Curious and loves to research
•    Communication skills and strong business follow-up
•    Cedil solution-oriented and prone to teamwork
•    Suitable for short or long-term domestic and international travels
•    Able to adapt to the intense work pace
•    Web and desktop&; Experienced in developing applications
•    Will be able to manage LAN/WAN network infrastructure in accordance with standards
•    Proficient in TCP/IP protocol
•    Proficient in Dynamic Routing (BGP, OSPF etc.) protocols
•    Proficient in Switching (VLAN, STP, LACP etc.) protocols
•    CCNA, network knowledge at CCNP level
•    Knowledge of the Linux operating system
•    Knowledge about VPN technologies
•    Experienced in using network monitoring tools
•    Has knowledge of software development processes, software standards and testing processes
•    Adequate technical English in writing and reading for research, documentation